Am I Being Abusive?




There are many ways that people can be physically, emotionally, sexually and financially abusive towards their partners, ex-partner or a family member. All of the behaviours listed below are examples of abusive behaviour, although there may be many more.

  • Slapping, punching, kicking and biting.
  • Threatening to hurt or kill your partner/ex-partner/family members.
  • Constant insults and 'put-downs'.
  • Stopping your partner or family member from seeing who they want, including making it difficult for them to see their friends and family.
  • Pressurising your partner into having sex.
  • Not letting an ex-partner get on with their life after your relationship has ended.
  • Withholding money.
  • Excessive 'monitoring' of your partners whereabouts through texts , facebook or other social media.

If you are using abusive behaviours in your relationship, attending the Jenkins Centre is an opportunity for you to change your behaviour and develop relationships that are safer, loving and respectful and no longer abusive.

The first step to changing your behaviour is acknowledging that you are abusive, taking responsibility for your behaviour and wanting to change.

You can contact us if you are unsure about your own behaviour and whether it is abusive and we can talk this through with you.

The way you behave will have an impact on the ones that you love, whether that is a partner or a child.

Most people that use our sevices often feel that they lose control or a violent incident 'just happened', rarely is this the case and we can help you to understand this.

If you live in Leicester City our services are free however if you live outside of our Leicester City then fees will apply..

If you are ready and want  to change then please see How the Jenkins Centre can help page.

FreeVA - Free From Violence and Abuse (Charity Number: 1122344)