We provide a range of services as follows:

  • Services for those that use violence/abuse in thier relationships - If you are - or suspect you may be - using abuse in an intimate relationship with a partner or family member, the Jenkins Centre is here to help you discover how to change your behaviour and forge healthier, more respectful relationships. You can find all the information you need about the work we do at the centre and how you can get the support you need to turn your life around Please see the am I being Abusive Page.
  • Services for Partners/Ex-Partners or Family members of those that are attending are programmes to change - If a partner/ex-partner or family member is using abuse against you - Please see partner/Family support page
  • Services for Professionals - If you have any concerns about anyone you are working with who is using violence in thier relationship - Please see the professionals page on how to make a referral.
  • Training & Awareness Services - We can offer training on a range of issues related to working with those that use violence in thier relationships/domestic abuse. - Please see our Training & Awareness work.

If you require information in another community language, there are some leaflets available for download in Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi and Polish. Please contact the centre staff about accessibility to alternative formats and languages.




FreeVA - Free From Violence and Abuse (Charity Number: 1122344)