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Who is The Jenkins Centre?

The Jenkins Centre is a Respect Accredited programme run by the organisation FreeVA, and is funded by Leicester City Council. 

FreeVA is part of the consortium UAVA - United Against Violence and Abuse. 

What does the Jenkins Centre do?

The Jenkins Centre is a project in Leicester that works with men and women who are abusive and violent in their relationships to help them change their behaviour. If clients are assessed as suitable they will attend a 24 week group programme that will help them to take responsibility for the abuse towards their partners and change their behaviour. 

The Jenkins Centre also works with young people aged 13-18 who are being abusive to their parents or primary caregivers or being abusive in their own intimate partner relationships.

Why do we need a perpetrator programme?

Some victims of domestic violence are able to leave an abusive relationship, although this is still a difficult decision, others feel that they have no option but to stay in an abusive marriage and hope that their husband/partner may change. People rarely change without help, and the the Jenkins Centre can provide this help.

Domestic Violence causes countless suffering for victims, children and communities. By addressing the cause of the problem through working with perpetrators we can reduce this suffering and save resources through lower hospital admissions, less police call outs etc.

Who is suitable for this programme?

The Jenkins Centre will accept self referrals from men and women who feel they are being abusive and/or violent in their relationships. Domestic violence can include physical, financial, sexual and emotional abuse and affect everyone and anyone.

We would assess someone’s suitability for the programme on the level of motivation they have to change their behaviour, their empathy for the effects of their abuse on their partner and children and what their levels of denial, minimisation and blame are. For instance do they constantly state that their partner provoked them to hit her? Do they blame their partner for their behaviour rather than take responsibility for it? Do they minimise the violence?

Once we have assessed someone as being suitable we will offer them a group place or in the case of non-English speakers may be able to offer them one to one sessions through an interpreter

What about the victims of Domestic Violence?

Jenkins Centre supports the partners of our clients who are going through the programme through one to one support. This is to ensure their safety and that they have the information about what their partner is doing on the programme. We would also strongly advise that anyone concerned about being in a domestic violence relationship, contact the Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline on 

0808 8020028.

Click Here to go to UAVA's website for more Details of Services for Victims.

How do I contact the Jenkins Centre?

You can self-refer to our service if you or your family do not have a social worker or children's services involved. Please complete the form on our 'How can we help you?' page, or call us direct. Click the green button below to go to our self-referral form. 

If you do have a social worker or children's services involved, please 

ask them to refer you. 

If you are not sure or have any queries please call 0116 2650101 or use our Contact Us page.


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Jenkins Centre Leaflet

Jenkins Centre Partner Support Leaflet (pdf)


Jenkins Centre Leaflet - Adult Perpetrator Service. (pdf)