The Jenkins Centre Young People's Project

The young people's project was established to support young people using abusive behaviours. 

This may be in a a dating relationship - known as intimate partner violence (IPV) or against a parent or carer known as either Adolescent to Parent Violence or Child on Parent abuse. 

Abusive behaviours may include: using physical violence, threats, swearing; aggressive disruptive behaviours; refusing to accept reasonable boundaries or expectations set by parents; damaging property in and around the home; stealing from parents and family members.

We recognise it is extremely difficult when family relationships begin to breakdown and when violence and abuse is used in the home; it can be difficult to talk to professionals and challenging to access support. We aim to work with you in a way that helps to overcome these challenges and achieve the outcomes and changes that are best for you as a young person, as a parent and as a family; this means spending time listening to your experiences views and what you want to change .

There are a range of services available to support young people and their families. To ensure that appropriate support is we complete an assessment with the young person, the parent(s) or carer(s) and where appropriate with siblings. This provides an opportunity for families to share their concerns, perspective, experiences and their hopes. 

We work with young people from 10 years to 18 years. 

We are normally involved with young people for between 3 to 6 months, though this may be a shorter or longer period depending on individual need.

The interventions we deliver are designed to best support the individual need of the client, for this reason we have the ability of delivering specific programmes such as the Respect Young People's Programme (aimed at both the parent and the young person) or bespoke interventions designed specifically around individual requirements. 

Where you are accessing the Jenkins Centre due to dating violence we can help your boyfriend or girlfriend to access appropriate support too, either via the Jenkins Centre or through UAVA.

Please be aware that due to funding their may be slight differences in service availability within different areas. 

By contacting the Jenkins Centre we can provide you with further information relevant to your family. 

Where you are working with other professionals such as childrens service or youth offending services we would ask that they complete the referral form. 

Professionals please reference the professionals page for further information. 

for More Information on APV click here (external website)

Downloadable Information Sheet

Please download the below document explaining the Young People's Service and the eligibility and suitability criteria.